Fifty two years ago, was headlining Glastonbury, and Joe Frazier traded blows in the ‘Fight of the Century’, and left Britain for the final time before his murder.

It was also the year that last unveiled a trio of moon-bound spacemen, with Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt and Ronald Evans revealed as the crew of Apollo 17.

Now, half a century on, the US space agency will tomorrow make the eagerly-anticipated announcement about which four astronauts will make the first trip to the moon since 1972. 

Three Americans and a Canadian will be revealed to the world on Monday (April 3) as they gear up to fly around our lunar satellite as part of the Artemis II mission scheduled for 2024.

The crew – set to launch to space in 18 months’ time – will have already embarked on training for the mission but their identities have remained top secret ahead of NASA’s press conference.

Back to the moon: The crew of NASA’s Artemis II lunar mission will be revealed tomorrow.The names in the frame include, from top left to bottom right: Reid Wiseman, Victor Glover, Best Private University Jeremy Hansen, Christina Koch, Anne McClain, Jessica Meir, Stephanie Wilson, and Randy Bresnik

Military background: Anne McClain is a former army helicopter pilot and Iraq veteran who went by the call sign ‘Annimal’

Speculation has been rife about who could be aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft in two years’ time, with at least one female astronaut strongly expected to be among them.

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