Turns any web page into a work of procedurally generated blackout poetry! I invite you to use the suggested sites to set up your own poetry or writing web site. “These are just a few ideas which have worked for me in a creative writing group at school… They may think they don’t have an exciting life but poetry can be about little moments that create strong emotions and they have all definitely felt strong emotions at some point. Since 1996 I’ve been noting the author and title of each book I’ve read in a red book a little larger than A5 size, worn at the spine now, but with plenty of pages left as there were plenty of pages to begin with. It takes a left turn in the middle in the parentheses through the use of dissociation or association. Expose students to great poetry- Use this to inspire and stimulate their writing. Even if they are just writing reams of nonsense, this approach can help convey pure emotions and images which they can then pick out to develop in the redrafting process. Wordsworth once said that the act of walking was closely related to the creative process.

Teach students the importance of a drafting process – I usually write a poem which is an acceptable (but not exceptional) standard but then spend some time getting students to work together to improve it. Research isn’t cheating – If you want to include a snake in your poem use the internet to find pictures and facts on snakes. For an ecommerce site, you will want to use ‘Woocommerce’, plans run from $13.99 (for one store) to $17.99 (for unlimited stores. People will interpret your poetry in different ways, but provided the interpretation that is brought to the poem isn’t plainly bonkers, I actually enjoy that, I rather hope for it. Ask a friend to read your poem aloud – so you can hear what it sounds like. Pause for students’ responses but don’t get bogged in dissection – read multiple new poems for pleasure in the precious time you have with them. Then get them into groups to discuss individual poems before giving feedback as a whole class in turn. There are many other ways to begin poems, so play around with different literary devices, and when you’re stuck, turn to other poetry for inspiration.

Using images to give students inspiration for writing is commonplace. Then poetry writing becomes an integral part of the courses – and the ethos – of the whole department. The books are returned to the owners and then each student uses the images as a bank in writing their own poem. From their combination of words, they are challenged to create a phrase which will then be the subject for their writing. More opportunity for teachers to work alongside writers would revolutionise creative writing in schools. There are some fantastic poets out there who are brilliant at teaching teachers to teach poetry. Teachers always say how easy it is to write a poem, so complete the task with your students and be the first to share. Balance your more popular, tried-and-true poems with new ones you might be reading for the first time. Whatever you can make time for. Duffy’s ‘clever-smelling satchel’ from Mean Time is a good example of an image and the use of the unexpected. I thought about how horrible it would be to lose parts of it – the use of my hands my or legs, the failure of an organ, contracting cancer, or loss of sight, sound, taste, touch, smell …

See Emily Dickinson’s poem “There is No Frigate Like a Book” on page 575 of Structure, Sound, and Sense. ’ and model this with a poem I have written myself in that style about my own self and life. Sometimes movies might have the older version of the character right there in the scene, commenting, like Scrooge does during the flashbacks the Ghost of Christmas Past shows him. There will be fewer monolithic pieces of software. Probes have sent us data regarding an Eridun temple on the planet YD 8480-C. Be a dear and gather any artifacts you find there. Do you have a working first draft of your poem? Persist; put the first draft in a drawer for a month and let the mind work on it at a subconscious level as the initial excitement dies away. What these beginnings of poetry and pose were, in what form it first made a place for itself among human institutions, and over what paths it wandered during the processes of growth and differentiation even in prehistoric times, are questions belonging to the answerable part of that catechism about his own life which man has been making and unmaking and making again ever since he began to remember and to forecast.

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